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What is JadedPunk.com?
JadedPunk.com is a music blog focused on punk, pop punk, hardcore, and other genres considered long dead. It is run by a collective of writers, artists, and special contributors. We’ve seen it all and we’re pretty over it.

Email founder/editor, Dan Ozzi, at dan@jadedpunk.com

I would like to submit music-related news, gossip, press releases, questions, etc.
Send to: media@jadedpunk.com or submit through Tumblr.

I am in a band/record label/PR firm and would like to submit an album or new music for review. 
Send to: media@jadedpunk.com (Note that we got a lot of stuff and try to give everything a listen. We will get back to you if we can cover it.)

I am would like to mail a physical copy.
Send to:
Dan Ozzi
PO Box 220175
Brooklyn, NY 11222

I am a writer and would like to submit record reviews or pitch story ideas.
Submit writing samples and some examples of your musical tastes to: dan@jadedpunk.com

I would like to advertise on JadedPunk.com.
The total sellouts at JadedPunk.com gladly welcome your advertising inquiries. Email us for rates and info: ads@jadedpunk.com

I would like to contact the Hulk. Does he have email?

I did not care for something on your site and have very strong opinions about it!
Right? We are the worst. But here’s the thing: It’s just a joke, and not even a very good one at that. So no need to get your beard in a twist.

Records Revisited:
What is the Records Revisited section all about?
The idea behind Records Revisited is simple: Take a record that’s 10+ years-old off the shelf, dust it off, give it a listen, and write a bit on how it holds up (or doesn’t). Think you’ve got the chops to write one? First, make sure the album hasn’t been done yet, then email media@jadedpunk.com with your suggestion or submit through Tumblr.

I listen to ska.
We’re so sorry to hear that.