Win a Copy of the New Lawrence Arms Record and a Shirt


Above is our handsome pal Brendan Kelly (who you may know from The Lawrence Arms, The Falcon, or the Chicago Police Department’s arrest log for public intoxication) wearing one of our dumb shirts. He has a new Lawrence Arms album out this week called Metropole which you may have heard about if you’ve been anywhere near the internet over the last month.

Want to win a dumb shirt and a dumb album? All you have to do is take the above image and photoshop Brendan into doing/wearing something that makes us laugh. Maybe he is stroking off a giant camel dong. Maybe he is dressed as one of the members of the Casualties. Maybe he is riding a rollercoaster into a giant vagina. Or maybe all three. The possibilities are endless.

Brendan will pick the winner. We’ll send you a shirt in your size (we currently have S-XL) and a copy of Metropole on vinyl (but only if you live within the continental US).

To help you out, we’ve photoshopped the background out. Download the PSD here. Get shoppin’! Contest ends next week. Submit them to: OR tweet your masterpiece with the hashtag #beexphotoshop.

(Please note: You are not getting the actual shirt Brendan is wearing. You will be getting a fresh one that does not smell like him. Sorry, ladies.)