The Version of Angry Birds No One Asked For: Green Day Edition

In a move that would make Gene Simmons blush, Rovio, developer of the popular video game, Angry Birds, announced today that they’ve formed a partnership with Green Day around the release of the band’s forthcoming three album crapathon. The game will feature pig characters based on the three Green Day members.

Rovio’s Head of Stupid Ideas, Peter Vesterbacka, said of the partnership:

"A lot of people that play Angry Birds haven’t listened to Green Day before, and a lot of fans of Green Day haven’t played Angry Birds before. On both sides, we want to expand the fanbase and expose more people to Angry Birds and Green Day, so it’s a very good fit."

He then added, “Seriously, if I catch one motherfucker who hasn’t heard Green Day or played Angry Birds, I will hunt them down in my Hummer 2 while I blast American Idiot and slingshot actual birds at them. Do not test me.”

The three members of Green Day were unavailable for comment as they were all busy adding new stories to their respective houses.

posted by Dan Ozzi

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