Punk Rock Toddler, Billie Joe Armstrong, Throws Tantrum On Stage

In the middle of playing “Basket Case” at the I Heart Radio Music Festival (whatever the fuck that is) Billie Joe Armstrong stopped mid-song to complain about Green Day having their set cut from 45 minutes to 25 minutes, bitched for a full minute about it, said he was not “fucking Justin Bieber, you motherfuckers”, dropped a bunch more f-bombs, and then smashed his guitar. Mike Dirnt, who also thinks it’s a good idea to copy Billie Joe’s guyliner habit, quickly followed suit and smashed his too. Now, normally, it’d be a pretty badass move to curse out your host and smash your equipment. But Billie manages to look like a toddler up past his bedtime. Enjoy the 21st century breakdown.

posted by Dan Ozzi


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