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Unsurprisingly, we do not give a flying fuck about the Grammys. Winning a Grammy is a surefire sign you’re making music so bland that a bunch of old, out-of-touch white hairs in the music industry think it deserves to be rewarded. And yet, over 24 hours later and Grammy news is still waiting around every corner to punch us in the mouth.

So fuck Mumford & Sons and their Grammy-pandering albums. Fuck The Black Keys. Fuck The Lumineers. And especially, fuck those nerds in fun., whose singer looks like if you had an inflatable Mark Wahlberg doll but only blew it up 2/3 of the way.

We were thinking: What is the most anti-fun. thing we can play today? What is the opposite of fun? So here is Jawbreaker and their never-nominated album UNFUN.


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    just got this LP original pressing…oh god, i’ve become THAT guy.
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