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Been thinking a lot lately about how, for as accepting and inclusive as it’s supposed to be, the punk scene is actually very judgmental and narrow-minded in a lot of ways, particularly when it comes to homosexuality. Not that the scene isn’t welcoming of gays and gay culture, necessarily. But like in many other parts of society, there is a stigma attached to it. And here’s the thing: We’re supposed to be better and more forward-thinking than the rest of society. Why even get into punk if it’s not a safe place for your identity? For the fashion? Fuck no.

And because of the stigma, a lot of gay musicians are afraid to identify as such. Because they feel that’s all they’ll ever be known as. “Have you heard of The So and So’s?” “Oh, they’re that gay band right?” Well no. Would you do that with anything else? If a lead singer had diabetes, would you be like, “Oh yeah, they’re that diabetes band, right?” As a result, a lot of gay musicians make deliberate choices to completely ignore their homosexuality, both on and off stage.

Which is why Limp Wrist is so awesome. It’s sort of hard to ignore homosexuality when a large bear of a man wearing nothing but insanely short denim cutoffs is screaming right in your face about loving hardcore boys and hating “fake fags.” They must have figured, “Ok, if people are gonna see us as a gay band, then let’s be the gayest fucking band we can be.” They took away your option to label them as a gay band. Not to mention, their discography is fucking insane, end to end. So here’s to you, Limp Wrist, for putting this issue right in front of us straight folk.

[And by the way, if you’ve never seen Limp Wrist, behold and be amazed at their in-your-facedness…]

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