Is This Punknews Petition The Stupidest Thing Ever Made?


There is a petition going on over at punk rock daycare website,, to ask Against Me! to let Mikey Erg be their replacement drummer. Let’s hear it from them on the matter:

At, we hold our journalistic duties to the utmost highest standard. As a news organization, we see our primary duty as dispersing news, without comment, allowing viewers to make their own conclusions. 

In case you need a translation, they mean they recycle press releases and post them on the Interent. Go on, Punknews…

However, there comes a time in human events when things are so important and so core to our fundamental values that we must cast aside our non-partisanship and take an editorial stance. Today, we are officially endorsing Mikey Erg as our preferred candidate to fill the currently empty drummer seat inAgainst Me!. 

So they took an adventurous shot at injecting their own commentary for a change and totally airballed it. Not just airballed it, but Kareem Abdul Jabbar came out of retirement and just slapped their shot into the upper deck and then brought all of their mothers back to his place for one of those 70s shag carpeted orgies while they all watched. 

Why would Mikey Erg, whose musical catalog is more or less flawless from end to end, join a band that has been a running joke for the last decade? Aside from the paycheck of course. If that’s Punknews’ game, then we’re on board. By all means, give Mikey a big fat Against Me-sized paycheck. But if not, this is the stupidest thing on the Internet this week and we even saw a blog of cats who look like One Direction.

Oh and please sign Punknews’ other petition to get Lemmy to join Sugar Ray.


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    Oh my god.
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  5. robevansetc said: mikey erg actually offered to be their drummer on twitter pretty much immediately after the last guy quit. the next am! is probably gonna rule despite how shit the last three were.
  6. disconnectmyhead said: in the scheme of things, no, it is absolutely NOT the stupidest thing that’s ever been made. how does your colon look? seems like you might be staring at it.
  7. thefashionpunk said: Did you really just fucking call Against Me! a running joke? What the fuck?!
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    A while ago he tweeted he wanted to join the band. You are too jaded for your own good, JadedPunk
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