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Our pals in On The Might Of Princes were supposed to play a reunion show of sorts at Long Island Fest this weekend with Indecision and Crime In Stereo but announced via Facebook that they were canceling last minute:

Hello everyone - Due to unforseen circumstances beyond our control, we regret to inform you that we are unable to perform this weekend. We are embarassed that this happened (especially at the last minute) and wish that we could change it. Out of respect to our personal lives, we can’t get into the specific reasons behind this situation. Just know that it is beyond our control and we can’t do anything to fix it. We would like to apologize to everyone that planned on seeing us this weekend, especially those that planned on traveling, purchased advanced tickets and most of all, the promoters that worked hard to organize our shows. We will not be re-scheduling and unfortunately have to call it quits officially. Please support the other bands at LI Fest and go regardless! They’re all great and deserve your support for keeping our scene alive. As for the Saint Vitus show this Sunday, that one is cancelled. However, if you planned on bein gin town, there is a great show happening there in the evening that you should check out instead, featuring Cast Iron Hike, who are amazing! We understand if anyone has negative feelings towards us for cancelling and can only apologize and thank anyone that’s paid attention to our band in the last 14 years of our on and off activity. It’s been an exciting journey! 

We haven’t heard what’s going and don’t wanna pry ‘cause it sounds uh, personal. Anyway, still a good band. And we still maintain that Taking Back Sunday jacked their album title from them


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