Is This AVAIL Documentary Ever Coming Out Or What?


This trailer for an AVAIL documentary was uploaded to YouTube seven years ago today. SEVEN. This begs the question: What the fuck is the hold up?

Not trying to come down on DayByDay Productions, who made the trailer. It’s a really good trailer, which is why we’re eager for it to come out.

But seriously, DayByDay. What could take more prominence than this? We poked around on their website (which we do not recommend doing since their genius idea to put 50 videos on one page crashed our Shockwave plug in repeatedly) and as far as we can tell, they’ve been making short movies of a bunch of dudes fucking around. Don’t get us wrong, that’s pretty much what we do here. But maybe take a few breaks once in a while to put out what will surely be your crowning achievement?

Not to sound like a used car salesman here, DayByDay, but what do we need to do get you to put this out today? Here’s what we can offer: You put the AVAIL documentary out and it’s gets free promotion here anytime. Hell, we’ll devote the whole week to it. We’ll host a screening. We will make animated gifs of Beau dancing. We will get frame by frame tattoos of it on our backs in between Dixie logos. Put. It. Out.

Watch it and get a trailer-boner after the jump…


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