'Cassette Store Day' Is A Real Thing That Is Happening Unfortunately

Just in case Record Store Day was not useless enough (seriously, visit your local record stores regularly, not just on Hipster Black Friday), here comes Cassette Store Day, a chance for idiots to stock up on the hottest cassette releases by…oh who gives a shit, let’s just look at the list…

SEXBEAT(Fucked Up)

Kissability(Los Campesinos!)

Suplex Cassettes(Fair Ohs, The Proper Ornaments)

Transgressive(At The Drive-In, Pulled Apart By Horses)

Bella Union(The Flaming Lips)

Domino(The Pastels)


Wichita Recordings(Hard Skin)

Burger Records(Suicidal Tendencies, Twink)

Blood & Biscuits(Efterklang)

Kanine(Fear of Men, The Blow)

Night School(Molly Nilsson)


Plus loads more TBA…

Wow. Sounds cool, except that it sounds the exact opposite of cool. Every time someone mails us a cassette here, we dump it into a bin marked ‘Pretentious shitrock.’ Then once a week, we leave the bin on a shady corner and report it to the police. If you see something, say something. And we see a really lame music revival trend. 

Visit CassetteStoreDay.com to file your own musical terrorism report.


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    I don’t know man. Tapes are a pretty good way to go. Getting CDs made is a waste of money, and if you can’t afford to...
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    Ubasute cassettes are $5 from our bandcamp: http://ubasutenj.bandcamp.com/merch
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    The cassette trend really needs to be put to sleep. I get that it’s the only way to get a lot of shit from the 80s, but...
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    hate cassettes. cd works fine.
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    haha, “Hipster Black Friday”
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    gross. who the fuck ever heard of a cassette store? there was no period of time where they weren’t selling predominantly...
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    Record Store Day, like Small Business Saturday, is a great way to bring attention to a dwindling but still worthwhile...
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    "Pretentious Shitrock"——That is great

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