The 11 Most Glorious Danzig Videos on the Internet


Glenn Danzig + Youtube = Internet gold.


11. Danzig on Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Danzig as a cartoon is just plain funny. Just look at those animated pecs. But him buying a house with a pool of blood is even funnier because it’s very likely that Danzig has actually done that at some point. Prove he hasn’t.

10. Danzig on Beavis and Butthead

Danzig was famous enough in the 90s to get the Beavis and Butthead treatment not once, not twice, not thrice, but four times, including two versions of “Mother.” Beavis and Butthead raise an interesting point: Who would win in a fight, Danzig or Danny Bonaduce?

9. Danzig on Fox News

You could tell Danzig was like, “I’m gonna go on Fox News with my dumb sunglasses and leather jacket and badmouth Obama. That’ll show everyone that DANZIG DOESN’T PLAY BY ANYONE’S RULES!” And the brainless podpeople at Fox News just eat it up. Just look at the smug look on his Aspergersy face. It’s wonderful. Danzig, you are wonderful.

8. This Guy Singing a Misfits Song on American Idol

Glenn doesn’t even make an appearance in this video and it still made the list. Such is the power of Danzig. Here’s a guy auditioning on American Idol with the Misfits’ ‘Die, Die My Darling’ to the bewilderment of Paula Abdul and the British dude.

7. Danzig Interview attempt

God bless this poor Dutch bastard who had to interview Danzig at this festival in 1995. It looks like pulling teeth. You’d be better off interviewing a 4-year-old who just woke up from a nap. Danzig does make one great point in the interview though: “Right now in music, I see a trend towards…if someone’s your friend, that means their band is good.” Oh god we feel you on that, Danzig.

6. Danzig’s Grocery Shopping List

Why is everyone captivated by Glenn Danzig’s shopping list? What is it about seeing him pick up kitty litter at the store that is so goddamn compelling? Not sure, but whoever made this video clearly understands the inherent humor behind the phenomenon.


5. Photographer Freak Out

Not sure why Danzig was so pissed about being filmed at Bonnaroo last year. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that he was playing Bonnaroo. Or that his shirt’s fibers were clinging to dear life. But he took it out on one photographer. Here it is from another another angle.

4. Danzig Beats Up Some Speakers

This video is funny enough for capturing the hilarious sight of Danzig performing in broad daylight. But then at 1:34, Danzig goes ballistic and takes out some of his frustration on the monitors. (He probably didn’t get enough b-12 in the green room.) And then the poor stage crew tried to fix them but Danzig’s all, “Oh no you don’t fix those monitors, I’m Danzig and if wanna throw monitors around, so be it.”

3. Danzig/Shakira Mashup

Why this YouTube user had the time and inspiration to make this Danzig/Shakira mashup is totally irrelevant because it is not only one of the funniest Danzig videos, but one of the funniest YouTube videos in general. God bless whoever made this for brilliantly pointing out the similarities in their singing styles.

2. The Knockout Heard Round the World

With over 2 million views, this is the most popular video on the list. Glenn has always been an advocate of Jeet Kune Do but that didn’t seem to help him when he picked a fight with a much larger person. The lesson learned: If you knock out Danzig, you will have enough material to write a book apparently.

1. Danzig’s Book Club

A shirtless book club + a smiling Danzig = just the best Danzig video ever made.


If we missed any, leave them in the comments. We have infinite time and interest when it comes to Danzig videos. 


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