Is Emo Making a Revival? We Discuss.


If you listen to music right now, you know emo revival is hot! hot! hot! Everyone from The Pitchfork to NPR is hopping on this hot new trend. But where did the emos come from? Some say emos have always been around always. Others say emo died long ago. We wanted to get to the very bottom of the emo mystery so we asked a random guy in a vintage t-shirt hanging out in front a Goodwill on Long Island to get his fresh take! Emo!

So is emo revival hot hot hot or what what what?
Emo expert: Oh yes! Emo revival is the hottest of new music trends right now. Hotter than Mumpford and His Sons. Hotter than The Blurred Lines. Hotter than Hall and Oates. You really can’t compare it!

What would you say, in your opinion, are the hottest new emo bands everyone should know about and put on their iPod phones?
Wow, what an enlightful question. Everyone is talking about the hottest new band called The World Is My Oyster and I’m No Longer Afraid of My Dads. I haven’t been out of my house to see any live music performed in over 10 years but from what my Internet friends tweet to me, this band is the realest band in emo!

What bands, would you say, are making an emo revival right now today?
Texas are the Reason are definitely making an emo revival, so hard. You look at an emo band like Black Flag and you think, “Now there is a band making a revival all over the place everywhere.” Another band I love is Coldplay. Agnostic Front also has emo revival potential. These are all bands I know about.

A lot of people like to say bands like My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boyz are also enjoying the booming emo revival time.
Definitely. In that context, this is a golden age of emo and we are living in it, all of us. But my point is, as opposed to the mid-90s, when there was less of a movement towards being revived, or like in say, Seattle. That’s just an example. When you compare someone like Pete Wentz of the Fall Out Boy to someone like Geoff Rickly of Thursday or even Chris Cornell of Soundgarden for that matter, well, I think you know what I’m getting at here. It’s a comparison, for sure. One I just made. What I’m saying is that Fall Out Boy have definitely put out a few records and emo is also a genre.

Do you think emo revival is better than other revivals? How do you think emo revival ranks in the revivals?
In the grand scheme of revivals, in terms of where emo revival ranks, there are so many things to be considered: music, emo, Minor Threat, articles in the New York Times, feminism, podcasts, SXSW, t-shirts, Instagram, so many things. How can you compare bands like—and these are just bands I know here—American Football and Cap’n Jazz? Or even Taking Back Sunday for that matter? That’s another band I’ve heard of. It gets hard to think of emo revivals in this context with so many bands like this. Even Glassjaw, that’s another band.

imageBlack and white is having a big moment right now in emo revival.

A lot of people refer to the emo revival as being what people refer to as a “boy’s club.” Do you think those people are referring accurately or referring not accurately?
Another great question and really, I’m so glad we are having this discussion. I want to clarify this as it needs clarification. When people refer to emo as a club for boys, I get so offended. It makes me cringeworthy. How can you refer to emo revivaling as a boy’s club when there are bands with a woman in the band, you know? Bands like Slingshot Dakota and Four Non Blondes and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers? It makes no sense to me. I am offended. Uh, hello? Those are all bands.

Is eyeliner emo?
A lot of people try to lump in the eyeliner movement with the emo movement and you really can’t when you think about it. I mean really try to think about it. Eyeliner is a distinct movement and has less of a movement than all the other movements of that period. It’s a lot like the doo wop movement of the 1870s, in a way. In a very real way, for example.

Wow, what a good point, really I’ve never thought about emo revival in that particular way before until this moment. Sure, emo revival is being popular now but how much longer until people forget about listening to emo revival and pick up another hot trend like say, metal?
Well, it’s interesting. Metal is a genre I also know a lot about. And really, I think metal and emo are both intertwined in this asymmetrical but symmetrical way and really the two are very similar, stylistically. Is metal similar? Sure. But how similar, you know? That’s what I’m getting at here.

Any closing words about emo?
Yes, Mineral and the Promise Ring and the Get Up Kids. But even Saves the Day for that matter. Or of course, Braid. This is a real discussion about emo we need to be having. Jawbreaker. Long Island. Emo revival.


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