15 Trends That Need To Die in 2013

Hey, remember 2012? What a crazy year, huh? Lots of cool stuff happened in the world of music like that new Propagandhi album and the Beatles playing on the Ed Sullivan Show[citation needed]. But lots of not cool stuff happened too. Below are a few awful trends that need to die right now before they follow us into 2013 like a clingy ex: 

Punk parody shirts

imageWe’ve officially hit our quota on these. We get it. Milo is Heisenberg. The Crimson Ghost is Justin Bieber. The Black Flag bars are photos of John Stamos or whatever. Pretty sure you can just wear a regular ol’ Misfits shirt and be done with it. It won’t be as “ironic,” but you know…people won’t want to punch you in the junk as much.

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