Delicious In DC: A Bad Brains Hot Sauce


Remember yesterday when we were all, “Calm down with the wacky merch, guys!”? Well, Bad Brains responded by being like, “Nah, bros! We got mad hot sauce to sell!” and started peddling their own brand of “hardcore hot sauce” on their website with this amazing description:

“BAD BRAINS hardcore hot sauce is a Punky Reggae party in every bottle, with a secret blend “Secret 77″ Dr.Know and Darryl have combined the perfect combination of heat and sweet that will surely start a mosh pit in your mouth, we don’t call it “Hardcore for nothing”, so don’t be shy,give it try, it’s guaranteed to Rock for Light !! .

You can buy a bottle for $8.99 plus shipping OR you can go for the version signed by Dr. Know and Darryl Jenifer for the totally reasonable price of $29.99. Because you know how sometimes you’re eating tacos and thinking, “This hot sauce is pretty good, but it’d taste a lot better if the bottle was signed by someone from a seminal hardcore band.”

And for you punk/condiment enthusiasts who are looking to spend some serious cash, they also offer a commemorative print by Shepard Fairy for only $120. But warning: those are only 2 per household. So bad news for those of you who wanted to spend more than $250 on hot sauce-themed posters today.


And after tacos, make sure to play a round of Bad Brains poker.

posted by Dan Ozzi