Green Day: A Year In Review


What happened to Green Day? They were once a likeable pop punk trio from Berkeley who happened to enjoy some major mainstream success. But over the last decade, the band has made a very public point of taking their good name and running it through a shitfactory of commercialism and over-indulgence, making just about every mistake an aging group of high-priced punks can make: They released concept albums. They recorded rock operas. They turned their albums into Broadway musicals. They made a Rock Band video game. They lent their songs to every fucking Disney movie, sports highlight reel, Vince Vaughn comedy, and Rhapsody commercial that needed a catchy guitar hook. They redefined their “look,” dressing like a cross between Avril Lavigne and hired goons in a Joel Schumacher Batman movie. And they committed the worst injustice of them all: They stole riffs from Dillinger Four. YOU DON’T STEAL RIFFS FROM DILLINGER FOUR.

But in 2012, Green Day elevated things to Andy Kaufman-levels of absurdity, making us question whether or not it was actually some ingenious joke at our expense. There was so much absurdity, in fact, that it’s hard to believe it all happened in one year. Let’s dissect it all chronologically, shall we?

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Billie Joe Armstrong’s Deleted Scene From “This Is 40” Is Actually Kinda Funny

Here’s Billie Joe Armstrong’s deleted scene from the new Judd Apatow movie, “This Is 40,” where he talks about an anonymous side project that combines Norwegian death metal and Belle and Sebastian. “It’s sort of music you can cry to but also maybe burn a church down at the same time.” We know we give Billie and Green Day a lot of shit because they are consistently ridiculous, but this is actually a fantastic idea and kinda funny to boot. Billie, we realize this was a joke meant to make Apatow’s legions of aging stoners laugh, but if you start this side project, we will support it! No questions asked.

Punk Rock Toddler, Billie Joe Armstrong, Throws Tantrum On Stage

In the middle of playing “Basket Case” at the I Heart Radio Music Festival (whatever the fuck that is) Billie Joe Armstrong stopped mid-song to complain about Green Day having their set cut from 45 minutes to 25 minutes, bitched for a full minute about it, said he was not “fucking Justin Bieber, you motherfuckers”, dropped a bunch more f-bombs, and then smashed his guitar. Mike Dirnt, who also thinks it’s a good idea to copy Billie Joe’s guyliner habit, quickly followed suit and smashed his too. Now, normally, it’d be a pretty badass move to curse out your host and smash your equipment. But Billie manages to look like a toddler up past his bedtime. Enjoy the 21st century breakdown.

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Billie Joe Armstrong To Join NBC’s ‘The Voice’ As Mentor/Eyeliner Consultant

Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong will join the cast of NBC’s “The Voice” this season as a “talent” consultant to Christina Aguilera’s team. Interviewed holding a sack full of cash with the NBC logo on it, Armstrong said of the show: “it’s not molding artists, it’s just giving them a little bit of guidance and direction without giving them a complete makeover.” And no one knows more about makeovers than the guy who dresses like the villains in a Joel Schumacher Batman movie.

Hey Billie, save some punk rock for the rest of us, wouldya?

posted by Dan Ozzi