11 Bands That Ripped Off Other Bands

With a limited number of chords and even more limited pool of talent, songs get ripped off in the world of punk all the time. It happens. Here are some similarities within or close to the genre that we’re just pointing out for entertainment purposes. No need to freak out or anything. Just sayin’…

Taking Back Sunday Ripped Off On The Might Of Princes


Back in 2002, the Long Island hardcore scene‘s own On The Might Of Princes put out an album called Where You Are And Where You Want To Be. It’s a nice little piece of screamo gold, if you’ve never heard it. Fellow Long Islanders Taking Back Sunday were familiar with the album, having opened up for OTMOP several times. That’s why it was pretty fishy when they released their similarly titled and thoroughly insufferable 2004 album, Where You Want To Be. Defying all logic, Taking Back Sunday’s album blew up, selling copies to 163,000 kids with no discernible taste in music. A few people started to notice the similarity. TBS guitarist Eddie Reyes was interviewed in 2007 and was asked about whether it was intentional:

"No, not at all. I mean, we played a couple shows with them, we knew them, but they weren’t close to us and they weren’t like best friends. They’re good guys. Nah, it was just a coincidence I think. It was just a coincidence basically."

Oh ok, well that explains that. Not sketchy
at all. Especially the part where you repeated yourself about a hundred times.

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