The Lawrence Arms’ Brendan Kelly hates R.E.M.’s “Shiny Happy People”

Occasionally, the good folks at The A.V. Club are nice enough to let me interview people about what song they hate most in the world, in a very appropriately titled segment called, “HateSong.” They just posted one I did with Brendan Kelly of The Lawrence Arms. Here are a few others I’ve done.

The Gaslight Anthem’s Brian Fallon can’t get down with Weezer’s “Hash Pipe”

British folksinger Frank Turner on why he hates John Lennon’s “Imagine” Podcast Episode #5 with Frank Turner

image Podcast Episode 05 by Jadedpunk on Mixcloud

Here, belatedly, is the 5th episode of the podcast with Dan Ozzi and special guest Frank Turner. Topics covered: Spending a shit ton of money on used postcards, amping yourself up to Converge, dealing with dummies on the internet, and Dale Earnhardt Jr. tattoos.

This originally aired on Sirius XM’s Faction channel.

Frank Turner - Plea From A Cat Named Virtue

Song of the Day

If you’re in the mood to nerd out on singer-songwriters covering other singer-songwriters, here’s our pal Frank Turner covering a song by John K. Samson/The Weakerthans. The song about the cat. Also, Frank recently did a Tiny Desk concert(below) at the NPR offices. Those NPR staffers seem like a fun bunch as they stand there totally expressionless. Actually, if we were trying to get work done about like, the cultural significance of organic cage-free soil or whatever it is NPR employees cover all day, we’d also be pretty pissed if some English dude started playing his songs about pubs and sailing and stuff. 

Frank is on tour right now and we’ll probably catch him while he’s in NY. Come hang out if you’re around. We’ll talk about our favorite NPR podcasts. (Fresh Air is where it’s at obviously. Don’t fuck with Terry Gross.)

Frank Turner - Four Simple Words

Song of the Day

Our pal and all around good dude, Frank Turner, has a new album out and he needs our help promoting it about as much as McDonald’s needs a Yelp review from some fatass slob in Kentucky.  

Frank recently explained to The Guardian that he was getting 100 death threats per day after a blog post painted him as some sort of crazy rightwing activist. What kind of reckless rag of anti-journalism would’ve published that? Oh right, it was also The Guardian.

As we get our share of hatemail here as well, we thought it’d be good to remind you: If you’re going through the trouble of reaching out to someone to let them know how much you disagree with them, fine. But you goddamn well have better read past the headline. 

Frank Turner Posts Documentary Trailer

Our friend and yours, Frank Turner, has posted a trailer for his forthcoming documentary DVD, I Still Believe (The Road to Wembley). Aladdin vests aside, it looks pretty fantastic. The documentary follows Turner as he tours North America, Europe, and the UK in the months leading up to his headlining sold out show at Wembley Arena, which by the way, is a 12k+ person venue. Pre-order it here.

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Interview: Frank Turner


Depending on which side of the Atlantic you live on, you may know Frank Turner as “that British dude from the Revival Tour” or you may know him as “the local skinny bloke who sold out Wembley Arena”. We called the U.N. and it turns out both are acceptable. On top of that, Frank is a thoroughly nice and humble guy so we’re devoting our very first interview segment to poking fun at him. We recently talked with Frank about his recent spat with Nicki Minaj, touring with The Offspring, the popularity of Dave Matthews Band, and of course, man-boobs.

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