Song of the Day: Featherweight - “Ugly”


We have been sitting here for 20 minutes trying to figure out exactly which post-hardcore band Featherweight sounds like. Maybe Small Brown Bike? Maybe Title Fight? Maybe Knapsack? Anyway, who are we to tell you what some band sounds like? Listen for yourself at their gravelly awesomeness. Their EP is out this week from Limited Fanfare.

Song of the Day: Happy Diving - “Complacent”


Happy Diving have an EP out next month from Father/Daughter Records and we’ve got an early song from it. Sounds like late 90s grunge punk from California and we’re into it. Honestly, it sounds a little bit like that Cloud Nothings album that came out last year, but meaner. We’re into it. 

GET DEAD - Kerouac's Teeth

We met this band a couple weeks and they were a pretty interesting buncha dudes. They looked like they ride life pretty hard and sounded like it too from the stories they were telling us. Well, last week, they flipped their fucking van in epic fashion and holy shit, we’re glad they’re still alive after that. Since they are need of cash, go buy their shit, if for no other reason than to own a shirt that says “Get Dead” on it. They mentioned that some people ask them what the band name means. Really? What is to get about that?

Jeff Rowe - An Island's Point of View

Song of the Day

Last night, we hosted the ever-awesome Sundowner and his sexy ass collarbones in Brooklyn. (Seriously, you could cut a diamond on those things.)

Our opener was a dude named Jeff Rowe and we give him the JP seal of approval. Not only for his cool solo jams but because he remembers all our favorite old screamo/grind/emoviolence bands from back in the day like Majority Rule and Assuck and City of Caterpillar. If you ever get the chance to see him, you should. And then ask him about pg. 99.

Mooster Records - Put Me In Coach...On Second Thought Go Fuck Yourself

Song of the Day

There’s something about the words “wolf face still a son of a bitch” that really sounds l like an Iron Sheik tweet. But also, Michael J. Fox in Teen Wolf. Also, attention Hollywood execs: We would ABSOLUTELY watch a sitcom starring Michael J. Fox and the Iron Sheik. Maybe it’s called The Sheik Fox? Just throwing ideas out there! Anyway, this band is from Florida, where all bands that sound like this eventually end up at some point. 

Secoué - Shaken

Song of the Day

This band sent us their song and described themselves as “some dumb emo band from Long Island that totally jocks the fuck out of On the Might of Princes.” And they kinda do. Even their artwork jocks their outdoorsy nature emo. (Do people out of New York say “jock”? What about “sweat”? As in to “sweat” someone’s style? You guys are all herbs anyway.) OTMOP pretty much fucking ruled so no harm in ripping them off. Unless you’re Taking Back Sunday.

Criminal Damage - Call of Death

Song of the Day

How the fuck did we not hear about this band until yesterday? We got turned on to it (LOL, because “turned on” is when your genital parts get all tingly) by someone and apparently it is the two dudes from Tragedy who are not Todd or Yannick? Is that right? Anyone wanna correct that? Anyway, it’s more poppier than Tragedy but it still crushes pretty fucking hard. (LOL, because “hard” is what happens to your wiener when you get “turned on.”)

Soda Bomb - i wanna die

Song of the Day

This band emailed us their record and assured they don’t sound like Taking Back Sunday, which is just about the best promo you can do for yourself. Also the song is called “I Wanna Die” on an album called “The Future Is Gonna Suck” so we totally dig their optimism. Plus “Soda Bomb” makes us think of a less healthy version of the Soy Bomb guy. Oh man, a big fat guy should write “SODA BOMB” on his chest and crash Bob Dylan’s next bullshit award show.