Stream A New Lucero EP, ‘Texas & Tennessee’


Our pals in Lucero have a very Lucero-y titled EP called Texas & Tennessee out next week that is pretty goddamn good. You can stream it at SPIN’s website. Not to agree with the Internet nerd fight among the editors of AbsolutePunk/Property of Zack/Alternative Press that went down yesterday, but it’s totally obnoxious that we can’t embed SPIN’s player here. It’s also a totally wonky player and it tricked us into listening to some indie rock bullshit song, so that’s not cool. Anyway. Listen to it and then just go buy it cause dem boys got kids to feed and beards to grow.

Marvel At The Bed Ben Nichols Once Slept In. One At A Time, You Guys.

Here is our pal, Brian Venable of Lucero giving a tour of his hometown of Memphis, TN to the people at NPR. You know it’s a fancy occasion because Brian ACTUALLY WORE SLEEVES.

The tour starts with Otherlands Coffee Bar, then heads to Goner Records where Brian flips through the punk LPs (probably looking for his favorite His Hero Is Gone records). After stopping at the local skate shop, the tour ends at 1372 Overton Park where Lucero once lived and practiced. They also famously named an album after it though we forget which one.

They don’t go inside the building but they do give us this shot of Ben Nichols’ bed where he undoubtedly whispered sweet gravely nothings in the ears of many a Tennessee lady.


If you’re ever headed to Memphis, ask Brian what BBQ joints to hit up too, because man, for a guy who doesn’t eat meat, he sure knows his shit. 

Also, NPR has a studio session with Lucero here and a bonus extra where they play “Nobody’s Darlings.”

New Lucero Video Looks Like It Was A Total Bummer To Film

Here is Lucero’s new video for “Women and Work”  for which the band members bravely endured a long and difficult filming process full of bikini-clad women, river diving, drinking, and unspeakable horseplay. It was shot over a grueling 8 month span, during which 11 crew members died.

Lucero are so brave to suffer for their art.

posted by Dan Ozzi