Murder By Death - Pizza Party! (at Gloria Estefan's House)

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Happy birthday to the dude from Murder by Death, the dude who’s always doing wacky shit with his facial hair. Wolverine chops aside, he is seriously one of the most underrated, consistently solid songwriters around today and has put out dozens of brilliant songs. This, on the other hand, is possibly the stupidest song he’s ever done and it’s kinda awesome at the same time. It’s a song called ‘Pizza Party! (at Gloria Estefan’s House)’ which sounds like a pretty good time. The lyrics are “A pizza party. Oh! Whoa! Yeah! Hey!” So the song is pretty open to interpretation. Believe it or not, Murder by Death are GIVING this song away for free on their Bandcamp so that you too can enjoy a pizza party at Gloria Estefan’s house. The brickoven is gonna get you!

Murder By Death Cover Album Includes Misfits, Murder City Devils, Elliott Smith

You might remember a while back, Murder By Death ran one of the most successful music Kickstarter campaigns of all time. One of the pledge options was that the band would cover a song of your choosing. All 15 pledger-requested songs are now available for download at their Bandcamp page. They are a motley crew of songs (no Motley Crue though): Motorhead, The Misfits, Murder City Devils, Eilliott Smith. And the Wilson Phillips cover is pretty spectacular too. Amazingly, no one nominated any Johnny Cash. But who in the hell picked a Weezer song off of Hurley and WHY? That person just wasted…how much was this? [checks]…A THOUSAND DOLLARS?! Well, money really doesn’t buy taste, we guess. Anyway, we’re into this.

Murder By Death - Sometimes the Line Walks You

Song of the Day

Some asshole broke into Murder By Death's tour van in St. Louis yesterday and took all their personal possessions. And as big MBD supporters, this is not OK with us. So if you're in the area, be on the lookout for someone trying to sell their stuff, which if we had to guess is a lot of whiskey and old timey knives and henley shirts and stuff.

Also, get your shit together, St. Louis. This kinda karma is why the Rams haven’t had a winning season in a decade. Ok, we’re being harsh. There are probably nice people in St. Louis. But not this dickbag. Catch him/her, and also see Murder By Death on tour and tip them and offer them sex handshakes and what not.

UPDATE: The whiskey is ok…

Murder By Death - Auld Lang Syne


Just in time for New Year’s, it’s Murder By Death’s cover of “Auld Lang Syne,” everyone’s favorite song to drunkly sob and/or make out with the nearest person to. Hey, HEY. Remember, remember that scene in that movie ‘Isawunnnderfulllife??’ Anndd they’re all singin’ this song at the…at the end? Hey. Ohmahgod and then the guy—you know, the angel guy—whasshis name? Camrence? He gets his wings or whatever? Remememeber? Ohmygod make out with me.

Murder By Death Post “Thank You” Song For Backers of Insane Kickstarter Project

Murder by Death just posted this little song “Thank You” to show their gratitude to the folks who donated to their insane Kickstarter project for their forthcoming album ‘Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon’. Some of the prizes for high-roller pledges include admission to the band’s book and movie clubs, personal house shows, cover song requests, amusement park accompanying, and for the low, low price of only $750, some of the band members will get tattoos of whatever you want. Unclear on whether that includes tattoo price, but that is a steal. It looks like that has received a backer. If you’re that backer, and are looking for tattoo suggestions, hit us up! We’ve got some. (We’d like Sarah to finally get the other half of the matching love tattoos we’ve got with our names on them. It’s kind of weird that we’re the only one who’s got it.)

The band is only about 10 grand away from their $100k goal. Help kick it over, wouldya? They’re good folks and that new album is likely going to be a whole heap of creepy goodness.

posted by Dan Ozzi