Throwback video: C.R. (1997)

Most people, even ones who live in NYC, don’t know shit about Staten Island. They think they do, but what they have is a very narrow, very caricatured view of the borough. (Seriously, if you want examples of the misguided prejudice, feel free to read the rantings from the narrow-minded NYC transplant shitheads who frequent the BrooklynVegan comment section.) And while a lot of the stereotypes about the Island are true (there are TONS of asshole guidos out there, TONS), a lot of cool shit has also gone down there too. In the late 90s, a venue called The Joint, which was basically just an empty hall on a sketchy block, hosted tons of great touring and local bands every Friday night for only a few bucks. It was a great DIY space run by a guy named Freedom and it was where I saw my first punk shows.

Maybe you’re familiar with the Staten Island-based hardcore band, C.R. Then again, maybe you’re not. If not, this video is a good introduction to them. In 1997, they played the above set and pretty much knocked a new asshole into everyone in the place. They opened up by playing basically the first half of the Minor Threat discography and then played their own songs, including an Infest cover.

So if you want to know about the actual Staten Island, the one that exists outside of reality TV, here’s a good place to start. Also, as I’m required by law to state: Wu-Tang for life.

(Video via KillThatCat who have a ton of other good videos.)

Throwback video: Kevin Devine (2002)

Like we mentioned on Monday, Kevin Devine’s Kickstarter raised a shit ton of money this week. So today’s throwback video is for him. Here’s Kevin playing “Letting A Good One Go” at Karl’s Klipper, which is a seafood restaurant on Staten Island, NY. Not sure why it was briefly a cool trend among emo kids to dress like a computer systems analyst but it was.

You can still donate to the Kickstarter here and we recommend you do so otherwise Kevin might have to go back to dressing like this and playing seafood restaurants.